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Zagato Ferrari 3Z Spyder 1971
Zagato Ferrari 3Z Spyder 1971
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This Ferrari 250 GT with chassis number 2491GT started life as a 250 GT SWB California Spyder in 1961 as the 17th of 56 'short-wheelbase' California Spyders built by Scaglietti. It was ordered new by a Mister Attilio Cupido of Portofino, through official Ferrari Concessionaire PARAUTO of Genoa, Italy on July 13th, 1961.

In 1969 the Scaglietti California Spyder was sold by Cupido to Luigi Chinetti via PARAUTO and then delivered to Carrozzeria Zagato. Chinetti commissioned a new open Spyder body for the car in time for the Turin Motor Show for October of 1970. Luigi Chinetti personally supervised all the phases in the design and construction of his Ferrari. From time to time he went to Zagato. He had long meetings with Elio and Gianni Zagato where even the smallest details of his Spyder were discussed. Delays and revisions to the car's appearance forced the car to instead make its new debut in the October 1971 Turin Motor Show. The car was given the name "3Z" by Zagato. It was finished in metallic blue with Borrani wire wheels, but later it had Campagnolo 10-slot alloy wheels fitted.

The 3Z was designed by Giuseppe Mittino who from 1970 on was responsible for the designs executed by Carrozzeria Zagato. The car had many original new features such as the "eyelid" treatment of the front that hid the lights partially from view. Its clean, unmarked geometric lines are unlike any of the special SWB coachwork - and, in fact, the car really doesn't resemble any other Ferrari custom bodies.

In Februari 1972 #2491 was collected from Carrozzeria Zagato and shipped to Luigi Chinetti Motors Inc. Chinetti paid $5,000.- and the payment documents describe "Used car GT 250/2491" The car was sold by Chinetti upon arrival to a local Doctor from Long Island, New York, possibly Irving Meltzer.

Oklahoma auto enthusiast and Ferrari dealer Anatoly (Toly) Arutunoff was looking for the car as a result of having seen it in Turin. He was told the car was for display and not for sale. Returning to the Turin Salon the following year (1972) he inquired again if the 3Z was for sale and was told it was sold. In the intervening years he could not get the car out of his head and decided to call Stan Nowak, Ferrari historian-enthusiast and part-time dealer, to see if he could locate it for him. Stan informed him it was for sale on Long Island. Finally, in 1979, Anatoly Arutunoff purchused the car from Concours International Motors. Even though he had spoken at great lengths with Zagato's representatives regarding the possibility of purchasing the car directly off the show stand, his offers were flatly refused. When the car became available for only the third time ever, he did not hesitate to proceed with its purchase and paid the full asking price of $50.000 plus $2500 to Stan Nowak as a finders fee. He has owned it ever since.

After 30 years, September 2009, the 3Z Spyder became for sale with Mike Sheehan's www.ferraris-online.com



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