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Pininfarina Ferrari 212 Inter #0269EU/0387GT Prins Bernhard 1955
Pininfarina Ferrari 212 Inter #0269EU/0387GT Prins Bernhard 1955
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Unrestored 1955 Ferrari 212 Inter, #0269EU/0387GT, first owned by ZKH Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands. Only five cars with this type of design are produced.

AA plates were reserved for the Dutch Royalty. All the cars owned by the Prince had a license plate with lucky number 13.

The Ferrari-mad Prince Bernhard bought the Ferrari - his first - second hand from a Belgian owner in the early fifties.
It is said that when Enzo Ferrari heard of the buy, he sent out for two of his mechanics to check the car over in The Netherlands and update the car to a more modern standard, because he found it very important to have the prince as a very satisfied customer. However, other sources state that the Prince received a whole new car. It seemed Enzo gave the order to build a new car and use the chassis number from the second hand example to avoid import taxes. This way the car did not need to be imported from Italy as being a new car. The new car with the second hand chassis number was imported to Belgium and the Prince imported it to Holland as a used car. We wonder where the Belgian car went...

Car #0269EU now has #0387GT stamped on both chassis and engine block. Car #0139 may have been renumbered to #0269, #0269 was renumbered to #0387 and #0387 is now renumbered to #0139.

The black paint and grey leather interior might never have been changed before, but the bumpers are not original anymore.

Bernhard kept the car until the winter of 1957. After a stay 50 years in California in a private collection, this majestic Ferrari is now back in the Netherlands. 

List (compiled by Marcel Massini) of all Ferrari's of HRH Prince Bernhard: 

212 Inter Coupe Ghia (chassis 0139 E, black, bought 1951)
212 Inter Coupe Pinin Farina (chassis 0269 EU, black, bought 1953, plates AA13)
250 Europa GT Coupe Pinin Farina (chassis 0387 GT/0139 E, black, bought 1954, plates AA13)
250 GT Speciale Coupe Pinin Farina (chassis 0725 GT, black, bought 1957, plates AA13)
250 GT Speciale Coupe Pinin Farina (chassis 2613 GT, dark green, bought 1961, plates GF-09-10)
500 Superfast (four liter engine) (chassis 6267 SF, Verde Pino, bought 1964, plates AA13)
365 GTC/4 (chassis 14467, dark green, bought 1971)
365 GT4 2+2 (chassis 17391, dark green, bought 1973, plates 87-BT-01)
400i (chassis 44309, dark green, bought 1982, plates JK-69-LN)
412 (chassis 59917, dark green, bought 1985, plates PL-26-BG)
465GT (chassis 96771, dark green, bought 1993, plates GX-TN-13)
456 M GT (chassis 115682, dark green, 1998, plates ZD-GZ-13)



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