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Park Ward Rolls-Royce 20 HP Coupe Convertible 1926-7
Park Ward Rolls-Royce 20 HP Coupe Convertible 1926-7
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Rare 1926&7 Park Ward Rolls-Royce 20 HP Coupe Convertible. The “1926&7” on the top of the Build sheet denotes that this 1926 has 1927 features added, like front servo brakes and other improvements. This Coupe Convertible has one of-a-kind body lines and options: Four part curved front windshield, Jump seat, dual spares with mirrors, unique hand-craft leather trunk and nickel hardware, all nickel German silver hardware throughout, mahogany & nickle wood running boards. Expertly fitted leather & wool interior & canvas leather trimmed top, interior & jump-seat. Masterfully applied 5 year body-off restoration. 

Many Rolls Royce 20 HP’s were lost in conflicts like WWII and many are saloons, hard top coups, or limousines, yet less are Coupe Convertibles and only a few with body lines, like this beauty.

Sometimes called a “Piccadilly Roadster”, the 20 HP Rolls Royce  was designed to last for generations, yet was significantly lighter, more reliable, and more easily operated & serviced than the heavier pre-war cars and Rolls chassis. Plus, on a Coupe Convertible at less than 3000 LB’s, even more so. The 20 HP is loved throughout for its superior engineering, convenience and beauty, thus making reliability high, and making repairs, service or adjustment to any part of the car readily accessible. 

This 1926&7 Rolls Royce Park Ward Coupe Convertible has remarkable show results in 1st two shows: first non-judged show it won “Best Looking Car” at Greystone Mansion Concours D Elegance; in its first judged show it won 1st place in its class 2018 CCCA National Rancho Santa Fe badge #3297. 

A video series on these features, ease of service and accessibility and updates to pictures and show appearances can be seen at: www.rare-1926-rolls-royce.dx.am.

Wonderful rolling art and unique engineering makes a joyful experience of learning the operability and accessibility of a rare Park Ward Rolls Royce. Examples: The mechanism for operation are simple, precise and masterfully hand-crafted, from an engine designed for almost non-existent vibration, to linkage that are crafted like art (controlling the high & low carb jets, starting and running carburetor, radiator temp, ignition retard & advance, and throttle speed). The wheels are instantly removable with nickle polished hubs with near invisible inner and outer matching gears, which pushes in the inner hub face with a special Dunlop spanner thus in moments removing and replacing the spare tore/wheel. 

Each component is built to last quality, masterfully hand-crafted as art and function, and a joy to admire or adjust. The floor boards in the main cab and jump seat are cabinet crafted English oak and can be removed in a few minutes to access any part of the chassis components and mechanisms. The Flying Lady privets to the side allowing the bonnet to open and rests upon its supports for access to the engine bay. The suspension springs are wrapped in beautify fitted leather gators with ENOTS oil fittings, making the springs ride more quietly and Rolls-Royce smoothly. The 4ft long x 5” diameter RR muffler and nickle fishtail exhaust was designed for almost non-existence sound. The staring electrical system was designed with dual carburetors for instant start, and the ability to switch from the dynamo (generator), to the Magneto, for instant ¾ turn hand starting (highly regarded in the early days of DC batteries).



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