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Ghia-Aigle Ferrari 212 Export 0137EL
Ghia-Aigle Ferrari 212 Export 0137EL
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The body of this 1951 Ferrari #0137EL was designed by Giovanni Michelotti as a freelance effort while still under contract to Alfredo Vignale.

In 1951 Ghia-Aigle bodied two 212 Ferrari Exports, chassis numbers 0137 EL and 0195 EL. Michelotti's drawings were transformed from pen and paper to coachwork by the respected Swiss firm of Carrozzeria Ghia-Aigle. The coachwork for #0137EL is the only known example executed to this design.

The exterior of the car was also rather competition in nature and notably void of superfluous chrome or aluminum trim. No bumpers were initially fitted at the front or rear, giving the car an overall and strikingly racy appearance. Chassis 0137EL was numbered to depart the Ferrari factory as a Type or "Tipo" 212 Inter, however the Carrozzeria Ghia-Aigle designed and built this car as a Tipo 212 Export. The car's ID plate, although stating it is an Export, does not always convince some. Several noted experts including, Mr. Marcel Massini, Bill Noon and writer Stanley Nowak (Ferrari on the Road) agree the car is a 212 Export. Cavallino magazine notes that #0137 has had some controversy over its correct designation, but stated in a previous issue that it is a real 1951 212-Export Lungo Berlinetta with a rare body by Ghia-Aigle of Switzerland.

The Ghia-Aigle factory issued a sales brochure for chassis number 0137 in 1951, selling it as a Ferrari 212 Export by Ghia-Aigle. In early 1951, shortly after completion, the car was sold new to a Swiss resident, Mr. Thiebaud. The factory two piece windshield was updated early in the cars life to a single piece unit and bumpers were added front and rear.

#0137 was later exported to the United Kingdom and registered on U.K. plates "EAM 212L". It was purchased (around 1975) and later offered for sale by the noted Ferrari enthusiast and connoisseur, Mr. Dan Margulies of London, England. The next custodian of this Ferrari was Mr. Buckland, who took the car to several shows and events. In 1985, 0137 E was exported from the U.K and imported into the United States. It was owned for several years by Mr. Robert Marceca and frequently seen at a variety of Ferrari Club Events throughout the 1980s and into the early 1990s. Mr. Mark McClintick, bought the car in 1992 and received a second in class for the National Concours in Grand Rapids the same year. In 1995, the car was sold by Symbolic Motor Car Company to Mr. Emile Yamano and imported into Japan. Mr. Yamano had the car carefully restored and prepared for vintage historic touring and racing events and has competed with the car in numerous venues over the years. Most notably, Mr. Yamano and his daughter raced the car in the Mille Miglia retrospective several times. In 1998 in was purchased by Yoshijuki Hayashi. The next year, 0137 E then became part of the growing Japanese Matsuda Museum Collection. The car was then sold to an American, Mr. Charles Arnott, who used the car regularly and entered it in the Mille Miglia and several other events, local and overseas. The custodian of this Ferrari changed in 2003, and was entered in the Mille Miglia retrospective again by Capt. W. de France, and invited to the Ferrari 60th in 2007.

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