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Drogo ASA 1000GTC #010 1962
Drogo ASA 1000GTC #010 1962
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Drogo ASA 1000GTC #010 1962

Next to the production cars from ASA, at least two very special other cars were built. 

ASA 1000 GTC

The first was an aerodynamic version on a chassis and body produced by Bizzarrini and Piero Drogo in 1963 with competition in mind. The car was given chassis no 010 and was referred to as the “1000 GTC”. The body had a low front with rounded wings somewhat similar to the 250 GTO Ferrari, covered headlights, and an almost rectangular air intake. Two sloping cut out vents behind the front wheels were also similar to the GTO Ferrari. The windscreen had a broad sweeping curve to the lower edge but appears to have the same side rake and upper line as the production cars. The lower sweep had the effect of giving the windscreen much more rake. The roof line was much flatter. The line of the doors is similar to the production cars along the leading edge but the rear is steeply raked at an angle parallel to the windscreen pillars. The wide door window was fully framed and had sliding perspex panels without the opening quarter vents of the production cars. The rear wings behind the wheels also had a large vent. The tail was elongated compared to the production cars and featured a large wrap around glass area somewhat like a 924 Porsche. It appears that the back did not open and the spare wheel was visible lying horizontal below the glass. The tail was cut off almost vertically with a pair of lights one above the other on each side of a recessed panel unlike the production cars on which the lights were horizontal. No bumpers were fitted. There was a competition fuel filler on the right hand side towards the rear of the tail and the sporting appearance of the car was further enhanced by Borrani wire wheels. 

The car was said to weigh 590kg. To run in the 1000cc class, the motor capacity was reduced to 995cc by reducing the bore to 67,8mm. A five speed ZF gearbox was used and the car was capable of 200kph.

In 1962 Giotto Bizzarrini designed a race ASA, GTC (Gran Turismo Competizione) to participate to international car races: the engine displacement was reduced to 998 cc to allow the participation between the prototypes in the "Mondiale Marche 1963".

The ASA GTC was realized at "Autostar", Bizzarrini's workshop in Livorno. As Bizzarrini described its car in a letter: "with tubular chassis, body in aluminium manufactured by Piero Drogo's bodyshop Carrozzeria Sport Cars in Modena, engine ASA 1000, five speeds gear box , Koni shock absorbers, AC Dunlop disc brakes, rigid axle with 4 sprags on unibal, self-locking differential". 

ASA 1300 GTC

The debut of the second car, the so­ called ASA1300 GTC built by Bizzarini and Drogo occurred at the well known Trento­Bondone Hill Climb also in 1966. The car carried competition number 92 but whether it ran and what the placing was remains unknown.



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