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Carrozzeria Allemano was an automobile coachbuilder in Turin, Italy, founded in 1928 by Serafino Allemano.

Serafino Allemano opened a body repair shop in Turin in 1928 which gave him a business basis for his true ambition: to design cars. He has been called fashion-conscious,but that does not adequately describe his works, for he was in reality trying to advance the art, finding a germ of a trend and pushing it forwards.
By 1935 he had eliminated repair work and the Allemano factory was working full-time on the creative side. His bodies from this period were built on Fiat and Lancia chassis, for the most part. After 1945, he picked up where he had left off in 1940, refreshed with new inspiration, and reinforced by bringing his nephew, Mario, into the business. By 1950 Allemano had evolved an original and modern styling theme, which was used for sports coupés and cabriolets on Fiat 1100, Renault 4CV and Dyna-Panhard chassis. Allemano also built a number of Maserati bodies, plus the odd Ferrari.
In 1959 Allemano received a contract to design and build two prototype cars for Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru), and in 1962 they began collaborating with ATS. Even in a busy year, however, Allemano found it difficult to make a profit, and the end came in 1965.

Allemano made various cars based on their own designs, and in some cases, externally made designs, such as those by Michelotti. Some of the earlier cars were Ferrari 166S, Alfa Romeo 2500 and Lancia Aurelia. For Fiat Allemano created three Fiats 1100 TV, some Fiats 600, 850 and 2200 and a few Abarths 750. For Maserati it made 21 Maseratis A6G 2000/54, prototype designs for Maserati 3500 (1957), and 22 Maseratis 5000 GT (1959-1965), many of these designed by Michelotti. There was also a Jaguar XK140, an Aston Martin DB2/4 (1953) a Panhard Dyna, as well as Renault Dauphine specials.

Carrozzeria Allemano ceased to exist in 1965.

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Allemano Abarth 2200 Coupé 1959

Allemano Abarth 2200 Coupé 1959

  • Coachbuilder: Allemano
  • Base car: Fiat 2100 sedan
  • Nr produced: 28
Allemano ATS 2500 GT 1963

Allemano ATS 2500 GT 1963

  • Designer: Franco Scaglione
  • Coachbuilder: Allemano
  • Nr produced: 12
Allemano Maserati 5000GT

Allemano Maserati 5000GT

  • Coachbuilder: Allemano
  • Base car: Maserati 5000GT
  • Nr produced: 43
Allemano Maserati A6G/54 & A6G2000

Allemano Maserati A6G/54 & A6G2000

  • Designer: Gioachino Colombo and Giorgio Bellentani
  • Coachbuilder: Allemano
  • Nr produced: 21

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