4 original Gouache and Acrylic Van Kaufman and Art Fitzpatrick paintings. 
These are some of the finest the pair painted (3 were set in Monte Carlo) for Pontiac from 1959 to 1971.

The originals were used to get approval from the Pontiac marketing board for the advertisement campaigns.

In all, Van and Fitz did 289 illustrations for Pontiac's "Wide Track" campaign. They perfectly captured the romance, performance and dynamism the Pontiac brand developed in the 60's... dare I say (ignoring the size and proportions ) similar to BMW in the 70's.

Art would draw the cars and Van would do the backgrounds, very often choosing beautiful European scenes. Amazingly, GM had a travel budget for them to sketch scenes.
Art would deliberately distort the drawing, saying that the eye saw the cars in that manner and that photography did not capture the "look" accurately.

Each illustration began with the choice of a primary colour, washed throughout the painting in varying gradations.

Please see : www.fitz-art.com

These originals are rare as Art Fitzpatrick explained to me that many were destroyed through poor warehouse storage. Also he donated over 70 works to the Gilmore Museum about a year before he recently passed away. 
Needless to say, these are in mint condition and have not been exposed to direct light.

These were purchased in 2000 when I visited Art Fitzpatrick and his wife Betty in California. Mrs Betty Fitzpatrick will authenticate all 4 paintings as she said they were some of the best and most iconic originals.

I am looking for a good home for them and would prefer to sell them as a package for what I paid: $50,850 USD plus shipping. 

For inquiries please email me = This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dimensions of the 4 paintings with and without frames: (in inches)

1) 1962 Grand Prix - Haute Corniche (overlooking the vallon of St-Dévote in Monaco)

     Framed= 18 5/8 h by 19 23/32 wide; unframed= 12 23/32 h by 13 57/64 w

2) 1962 Grand Prix - Monte Carlo (in front of the Hotel de Paris with race cars)

     Framed = 23 11/32 h by 21 21/32 w; unframed= 14 11/16 h by 13 57/64 w

3) 1970 Grand Prix - Monaco (Gold car with man with driving gloves and woman nearby)

     Framed =19 19/64 h by 20 5/64 wide; unframed = 13 25/64 by 14 19/64 w

4) 1969 Grand Prix - Marbella (with couple in abstract nature background)

    Framed= 20 h by 20.5 wide;  unframed = 14h by 14.25 wide

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