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Lotti Jaguar ?

Carrozzeria Lotti, Firenze (1920-today)
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Lotti Jaguar ?

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In 1950, the "new" Jaguar brand wanted to expand its racing activities to promote the new XK120 sports car. Under the direction of Lofty England, the head of the racing department, Jaguar prepared six factory XK120 cars to be raced in Europe during the 1950 season. In order to compete in endurance racing, Jaguar was looking for competitive drivers in this particular discipline. At the time, Clemente Biondetti was the best driver and his skills could have benefited Jaguar as a new team in this highly competitive field. During the 1950 Geneva Motor Show, a contract was signed with Biondetti stating that Jaguar would provide a factory XK120 and deliver it in time for the Targa Florio. During the race, the car assigned to Biondetti, chassis 660043, suffered a connecting rod failure which led to its withdrawal.
The car was repaired for the Mille Miglia and Clemente Biondetti and Gino Bronzoni achieved 8th place.
For the 1952 season, a Special was built on a chassis custom-made by Biondetti, which featured a new body with integrated wheel arches reminiscent of the C-Type, believed to have been built by Lotti (but there is no evidence).


Biondetti Jaguar Lotti 1952a.jpeg
Biondetti Jaguar Lotti 1952a.jpeg (391.8 KiB) Viewed 69 times
Biondetti Jaguar Lotti 1952b.jpeg
Biondetti Jaguar Lotti 1952b.jpeg (275.39 KiB) Viewed 69 times
Biondetti Jaguar Lotti 1952c.jpeg
Biondetti Jaguar Lotti 1952c.jpeg (289.95 KiB) Viewed 69 times
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